5 Questions to Ask When Planning a Virtual Event


Live-streamed and virtual events are here to stay. However, many businesses, nonprofits, schools, and individuals are at a loss for how to begin planning a virtual event. Where do you start and what do you need to consider? As live streaming experts, we’ve put together some of the most important questions to answer to ensure your next event is a success.

1. Where should I host my virtual event?

Location, location, location.
When choosing a location for your virtual experience you have two options, in a studio or on-location at a park, building, school, event venue, etc. Whatever location you choose, be sure it has a few important features: good internet, good lighting, and limited noise!

Studios are a great option because they create a controlled environment for live streaming and are easy to set up. They also allow for fun features like greenscreens that support virtual backgrounds (think anything from the beach to outer space). Want to have a star trek themed fundraiser? Why not host it on the Enterprise? (Psst… we now have our own in-house studio called Live Oak Live Stream. Contact us to learn more.)

2. What kind of experience do I want for my guests?

Live stream platform options
Each streaming platform will create a different experience for your guests. As we all know, there are many options when it comes to various platforms:

The important thing to think about is do you want to have two-way communication (like on Zoom where people can talk back and forth) or a one-way stream with engagement features (like on Youtube or Facebook Live where the audience watches and can interact through a chat function)?

3. Do you want an all live event or elements that are pre-recorded?

Plan your run of show
When you begin planning your speakers and activities, take the time to reimagine what your event could look like. With the option to pre-record elements of the event, you could have guest speakers from Europe or Asia or an engaging performer. The opportunities are endless because time and location are no longer a factor. Speakers, performers, or guest stars can pre-record their videos at their convenience and then send you the video to add to your run of show. Additionally, if there are certain locations that are important to your event but have poor internet, you can consider pre-recording a segment at the location.

4. Do I want quality sound?

This should be a no-brainer
Close your eyes and try an experiment: Think about being on your last video meeting where an attendee’s voice started to go robotic, lagging, and cutting out at the most important part. I’m guessing feelings of hair-pulling, rage and frustration arose? Now, think about a similar video meeting where the sound was clear but there was a lag or pixelation in the video. I’m guessing a feeling of mild annoyance?

Well, that should tell you one thing: people can NOT stand bad, unclear, or lagging sound! Video quality (although important) should come secondary. Therefore, INVEST in getting good quality sound! That means professional-grade microphones, mixers, and sound equipment. It also means a team of people who know how to feed the microphones directly to the live stream to eliminate background noise, echos, or muffled sounds.

5. Am I committed to high-quality video?

A close-second
Yes, high-quality sound is most important! But you should be able to have both. Although low-quality video feeds have been the norm over the past few months, it should not be the standard. A crisp, clear video feed is important to the reputation and engagement with your event. Having a live stream management company (like us), help you film your event ensures you have professional-grade cameras and knowledgeable crew so your video is the highest quality.

Wondering what a live stream management company can do for your event? Schedule a free consultation with Live Oak and we’ll walk you through what you need to do to plan your next event.

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