A Livestream Wedding: Sharing Special Experiences is Easier Than Ever

livestream wedding

How Live Oak AV helped Abhinav and Ranjana livestream their wedding for family and friends in India.

The pandemic has paved the way for new advances and applications of technology, allowing for more accessibility to make connections, experience events and share life moments. For Abhinav and Ranjana, it allowed them to share their special wedding celebration with family and friends in another part of the world.

livestream wedding
Photos by Jerome Tso

A new way to celebrate their wedding day
Why livestream a wedding? For some, it may be a far away destination wedding where guests are unable to make the journey. For others, ongoing pandemic issues (social distancing, travel restrictions, etc) may deter or prevent guests from attending. In Abhinav and Ranjana’s case, it was a bit of both.

“We both have really large families back in India, especially the older generation and since the wedding was in the US only a few immediate family members were actually able to fly in from India,” said Ranjana.

“Weddings are a big festival in India, whether it is done on a small scale or a large scale, everyone wants to be a part of it. Our extended families had been waiting to be a part of ours for a long time. Unfortunately due to the pandemic, we couldn’t go back and plan a wedding there, so livestream was the next best option to have everyone be a part of our special day!”

What otherwise may have been a missed experience, live streaming their wedding added a unique and inclusive element. Both hosts and guests can feel good knowing that special moments can still be shared together.

Being together, even when far apart
“For me, the livestream was special because it allowed my grandparents to watch and be a part of my wedding. I’m the oldest among my siblings, so for them this was the first wedding among their grandchildren – and they have been planning this day for a really long time. They are both 80+ years old, so such a long journey was not an option. I’m glad Live Oak AV was able to make them feel like they were here with me!” said Ranjana.

Wherever they may be, Ranjana and Abhinav’s families could attend and see what was going on in real time, allowing them to join in on the fun and feel connected. In addition to Abhinav and Ranjana’s families in India, their close friends from other parts of the world including Europe and Australia were also able to tune in and virtually partake in the festivities.

“I was really glad we chose to livestream since a couple of uncles and aunts who were supposed to fly in from India had to cancel, last minute. One of my uncles who had a big role to play met with an accident the day before he was set to leave for the US. So while I really felt bad that they couldn’t make it, the livestream enabled them to be there with me virtually through all the events!” said Abhinav.

A day to remember
“We both felt really happy that we were able to livestream and have so many people be a part of our day. Live Oak AV did a brilliant job of ensuring that the cameras were in the right place at the right time!” said both Abhinav and Ranjana.

livestream wedding
Photos by Jerome Tso

From all of us at Live Oak AV, we wish the happy couple the best. It was a special day to be a part of.

It made us realize that hiring videographers and photographers is a great way to record a wedding, but only live streaming can capture the moments as they happen. It ensures that people who are watching feel like they are with you instead of waiting to view the photos and videos afterwards.

At Live Oak Av, we will work with you to plan and execute your livestream. From equipment setup to streaming your event, we are excited to help you share with others.

For more information on how Live Oak AV can help you, contact us today.

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