Committed to providing uncomplicated AV.

We're local. We're family-owned. We’re in Seattle, which also means we’re hi-tech, forward-thinking, exceedingly polite, highly caffeinated, community-minded, and environmentally conscious.

Jennifer O'Neal, Live Oak Audio Visual CEO & Co-Founder
Jennifer O'Neal, Live Oak Audio Visual CEO & Co-Founder

Providing support to our community

After 23 years of service, our clients are more than just customers. They are family. We treat our clients as we would want our moms to be treated; fairly, patiently, and professionally. Our staff is on call seven days a week to help with any kind of event, anytime.

Did you know that no live oaks grow in Seattle? There are a lot of Douglas firs, Western hemlocks, and Pacific dogwoods, but there aren’t any live oaks. Except, of course, for us!

Live oak trees are found in drier climates and are large picturesque trees with huge horizontal and arching branches that create a broad, rounded canopy providing protection and shade.

Live oak trees are prominent in a neighborhood park in California that was an integral part of our family’s formative years; time spent in that park-inspired, motivated, and comforted us. So we transplanted these experiences to Seattle.

We have always envisioned our company, like the Live Oak tree, providing coverage and support to our clients and community. We’ve focused on providing AV services to West Seattle nonprofits, schools, and community organizations because we believe in amplifying our community to the best of our ability.

Learn how we support our community by donating AV services on our Community page.

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