Our true north(west)

Values we live by.

Fair play for our customers, teammates, and company.

We believe that having our customer’s trust is paramount to a successful event. We never oversell for the sake of profit. We are also responsible for playing fair with our teammates and company to ensure we are operating sustainably.

Compassionate, thoughtful, generous, and proactive.

We understand that our clients are entrusting their events to us; therefore, we are thoughtful about the suggestions we make and how we approach events. We are generous and proactive with our technical expertise and our resources.

Consistency and efficiency are critical to success.

We are committed to our clients having the same great experience every time they hire us. We strive to ensure consistency and efficiency from the first point of contact to post-event communication.

Clear communication in all aspects of our company.

We are constantly improving our methods of communication for clarity with the customer and ensuring our teammates have up-to-date information while in the field.

In a changing environment, pivot with grace.

In our industry, things sometimes change at the last minute. We understand and prepare for this and will help our clients and teammates navigate changes to the best of our ability.

We respect Mother Earth and her creatures.

From the vehicles we purchase to how we recycle broken equipment, we consider the environmental impact of everything we do. We only have one planet, let’s take care of it.

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