An Open Letter from CEO & Co-Founder, Jennifer O’Neal

Dear friends, 

Your event does not have to be canceled. Let us be your safe place to land. 

While so many, understandably, have been reactive to the ever-changing COVID landscape, you can be proactive. Plan for a virtual event first. We know clients are disappointed to see so many of their events getting canceled with the impacts felt deeply throughout their organization. 

Over the past two years, we have seen so much success with well-planned and executed live streamed events that many times have a greater impact on the community through more attendance and inclusivity. There’s no need for missed fundraising goals, half-thrown-together company events and conferences, all resulting in a lack of connection. 

Our Live Oak AV Livestream Studio was created specifically for live streaming, making it the ideal place to host your next event. This way, there are no contingencies, planning for options A, B, C, and more in backup plans. This is the plan. What was once a clever pivot as we navigated taking the world virtual has become a space for inclusive, increasingly successful events.

Our studio has monitors and sound so people on stage can actually see and hear event attendees. We also have teleprompters to support a TV-like experience for speakers and guests. We’ve also thought through our reliable high-speed internet for broadcasts, so you never have to worry about poor wifi connections. We’ve even partnered with a décor company to be able to customize the look and feel of your event.

With our professional broadcast software, pre-recorded video content, slide presentations, fundraising thermometers, prize wheels, and even remote presenters are easily incorporated into the live stream, so you can have a one-of-a-kind event with smooth transitions. 

I implore you: don’t cancel your event. Life is too short for any more canceled plans when a COVID-safe option exists. 

If you’d like a tour of our studio, contact us. We are here to amplify our community, safely, always.

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