Ben Bridge Holiday Preview a Glittering AV Success

Ben Bridge Jeweler Holiday Preview - AV Conference

We were glad to help Ben Bridge Jeweler host their hybrid holiday preview show for staff ahead of the holiday season. 

“Our holiday kick-off meeting is the beginning of the holiday season for us,” Erika Matson, Ben Bridge Education Manager, shared. “As a retail company, it’s particularly important that the 4th quarter meeting be upbeat and festive to set the tone for the next few months.”

Some of the attendees were unable to travel or have health concerns, so large gatherings weren’t possible. “The hybrid option is particularly important because we want the virtual attendees to feel just as included as those in person,” Erika said. “Live Oak AV’s execution of the livestream feed was better than I imagined.” 

We were able to take a deeper look at aspects of the room for all attendees to enjoy, including special touches for the new holiday items and Ben Bridge’s 110th anniversary. 


Ben Bridge Jeweler Holiday Preview - AV Decor

Jewelry Camera 

We utilized a document camera to show to the whole ballroom details they wouldn’t be able to see with our other cameras. While historically used in courtrooms to show fine details, we got creative and discovered this was the perfect tool to best show all facets of the pieces of jewelry. 

“The jewelry camera was amazing,” Erika told us. “It allowed us to show special pieces while we talked about them. The image was clear and all audience members could see the details up close.” 


Ben Bridge Jeweler Holiday Preview - AV Set up

Custom, Festive Setup: In-Person

We helped add uplighting for atmosphere in the memory lane featured at the event in honor of Ben Bridge’s monumental anniversary, including generations of Bridge family members in historic commercials. 

We also wanted to help as well to beautify the space with a little “AV bling” in an already sparkling event: we created a Santa nook with a vintage-look microphone stand that added to the ambiance. 

“We loved the vintage microphone for our reading nook; it went along with the theme and added to the ambiance,” Erika shared. 


Ben Bridge Jeweler Holiday Preview - AV

Custom, Festive Setup: On-Screen 

As with every hybrid event, we want to make the event feel cohesive for both audiences. 

“Live Oak AV used our décor elements to create a frame for the live stream audience that incorporated the same holiday graphics used in the room so the festivity carried through to the virtual audience. That was unexpected and a bonus to an already great experience!” Erika said. 

Creating a Cohesive Vision 

It’s our goal to always ensure our clients are taken care of from planning to execution. 

Whether you’re back to in-person events, doing a fully-virtual livestream, or a hybrid event—our motto is AV uncomplicated, and we’re there for you. 

“I appreciate that they took time to understand our vision and then made suggestions to bring it to life… I also appreciated that they were flexible when we had to make last minute changes to the agenda during the meeting. I appreciate the ongoing communication about the meeting and partnership!” – Erika Matson, Ben Bridge Education Manager 


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