How can a Livestream Studio be used for your next event?

What is a Livestream Studio, anyway?

We’ve all been there: on a video call and our internet goes out, the audio sounds horrible, the video quality is dismal, and we can’t share our screen. With the increase in virtual and hybrid events, organizations need a dedicated space to stream their events—one that is set up with high-quality audio and visual equipment and a dedicated team to help you execute. 

In the spring of 2020, we built a COVID-compliant live streaming studio in our AV facility in order to better serve our clients. We’ve hosted auctions, fundraisers, weddings, conferences, company events, music concerts, and many other events in this studio. The Live Oak AV Livestream Studio was created specifically for live streaming, making it the ideal place to host your next event. 

What special features are available?

Instead of the virtual background or a view of your living room, our Livestream Studio has a stage that can be personalized and decorated with custom background images and décor. We’ve even partnered with a décor company to be able to customize the look and feel of your event. 

The studio has monitors and sound so that the people on stage can actually see and hear meeting attendees. It also has teleprompters to support a TV-like experience for speakers and guests. Additionally, the studio is set up with reliable high-speed internet for the broadcast, ensuring that your stream never cuts out. We are also able to incorporate pre-recorded video content into the live stream, making it truly a one-of-a-kind experience. For an example of how this looks, take a peek at our replay of the Holy Family Bilingual School 2021 Auction

How can a Livestream Studio be used?

We thought you’d never ask! A Livestream Studio can be used for a whole host of different types of events. Here are a few examples from our past events. 

Auctions & Fundraisers 

We’ve hosted dozens of nonprofit fundraising events in our studio. For the Holy Family Bilingual School 2021 Auction, they set up the stage with beautiful Mexican-style flowers and drapes where they had the event hosts present and speak. The event also included videos of their students interspersed into the broadcast seamlessly, creating a unique experience for both local attendees and those joining elsewhere. 

To get a true feel for how auctions and fundraisers can be hosted in our Livestream Studio, you can view the replay of the Holy Family Bilingual School 2021 Auction here

Webinars & Conferences

Hansen Belyea, a full-service marketing and branding agency, hosted a webinar for their clients and community members. This allowed their speakers to be on stage with a teleprompter in order to have a high-quality experience. 

TV-like Shows

NW Wine Night is a Seattle-based online show focusing on introducing its audience to locally-produced quality wines. When the COVID-19 pandemic first began, they lost their venues (local vineyards and tasting rooms) and many advertisers.

They were able to use the Live Oak AV Livestream Studio to film a mini-season of their show. The episodes from their mini-season were so successful, they filmed follow-up episodes at the Livestream Studio this time with a live audience. 

You can catch up on all the past episodes of NW Wine Night on their website

Virtual Holiday Party & Personal Celebrations

Making sure you have professional video and audio for your virtual holiday party is a wonderful idea to make your event memorable. Missed the company trip to a ski resort? Send out a cozy throw and hot cocoa mix; we’ll theme the stage for the event. Longing for that tropical cruise? Have a mixologist create a special fruity drink for your employees and send kits out ahead of time. Do you usually all go out for a special dinner? You could even hire a chef for an online cooking class. At Live Oak AV, we uplevel your party by seamlessly integrating videos, photos, and Powerpoint presentations to create a unique themed experience. 

Game nights are also a great way to bring everyone together virtually, for whatever occasion you can dream up. Everyone loves shouting “Bingo!” right? Create a custom Bingo card with moments from the year or company terms and inside jokes for a bonding experience. We recommend a company employee hosting the event at our Livestream Studio where they can be the game master calling out bingo cards. With our large in-studio TVs, the game master can see all the attendees and winners are able to show their card on-screen. With an in-ear monitor, the game master can hear and interact with attendees for a truly fun experience. Bingo isn’t the only game you can play for a virtual holiday party. The possibilities are endless—it just takes a little imagination. 

Satellite Studio

Cantible’s Virtual Above and Beyond Gala was a unique virtual event. The Gala is typically a combined concert and fundraiser, so we had to get creative with how to present this in a virtual format. The best way to accomplish this was to livestream pre-recorded content alongside a live auctioneer. You can learn more about how they creatively recorded their concert while socially distancing in our blog post about the event. 

Since we were livestreaming the event, we were able to host the auction at our Seattle studio even though Cantible is based in Silicon Valley. We utilized Zoom for training and meetings. Since the event was virtual, Cantible was able to feature all of their singers—something that wasn’t possible before—and the singers were able to invite all of their family members to the event. 

You can read our blog post about the Cantible Above and Beyond Gala, or watch the full replay of the event. 

We also hosted a livestreaming event via satellite studio for Big Skills Tiny Homes. Big Skills Tiny Homes provides self-discovery, mentoring, and skill development to students interested in the trades. Through the process of building a tiny home from scratch to completion, students are 

exposed to a variety of trade disciplines and are empowered to identify their future career path. 

For this event, the host was local in our studio and the remaining event participants were in the Bay Area. We Zoomed them in for watch parties and presentations for a successful event. 


We hosted a Burien Candidate debate and a King County Candidate debate in our studio. For the Burien debate, the host of the debate was at the Live Oak AV Livestream Studio and then the candidates were able to join virtually. 

Watch the full replay of the Burien Candidate debate to experience an in-person host with virtual candidates.

The King County Debate was hosted entirely at the Live Oak AV Livestream Studio. It was great to see all the candidates together. 

Watch the full replay of the King County Executive Debate

Award Ceremonies

We hosted the 2020 Nurses of Influence Award Celebration. The host was at the Live Oak AV Livestream Studio, and the awardees joined virtually. A trivia game was incorporated into the programming which was a great way to engage attendees in the chat. 

Watch the full replay of the 2020 Nurses of Influence Award Celebration.


Livestreaming makes it possible for everyone to attend a wedding. There’s no worrying about the guest list or having to leave people out. Livestream is a great option for those who want to attend a wedding, but aren’t able to travel or prefer to attend from the comfort of their own home. 


Live streaming is also important for personal events. We were able to livestream a memorial, making it possible for everyone who wanted to attend. With livestreaming, there are no capacity limitations and no travel required. 

New Improvements & Second Stage

We are currently making improvements to our studio including creating a more open layout to allow for a small live audience. We’ve also recently installed a second stage! The second stage will allow for more flexibility, different styles of presentations and performers with complex stage set-ups and backgrounds, allowing for smooth transitions. 

Live Oak AV’s Livestream Studio is meant to provide a safe and convenient location for many types of events: from auctions to; weddings to webinars; conferences to TV shows; and everything in between. 

If you’d like a tour of our studio, contact us. We’d love to create new events with you.  

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