How to Create Unforgettable Virtual Content


The dust has now settled on the realities of 2020 and for many, that means moving everything online. One thing we didn’t expect was the creative opportunities that virtual events allow for which couldn’t be done in-person. Many of our clients have come up with innovative and inventive ideas for creating unforgettable, exclusive and engaging experiences… and on a budget too! 

Whether your planning for your fall conference, fundraising event, or staff training, here are three key opportunities for online experiences:

1. Access:

Time and distance are now irrelevant to online events. You now have access to celebrity guests, busy experts, or far-away beneficiaries that you would have never been able to get to come to your in-person event. 

2. Cost:

Since your guest stars don’t have to travel, the cost of hiring them is much lower than before. Now, anything is possible on a more restricted budget. 

3. Exclusivity:

Many believe that online events are impersonal. We beg to differ. Creating an exclusive event with a speaker or guest star, gives your VIP guests facetime like never before. A Q&A type event on Zoom allows for more intimacy. You see the guest star in their own home and vice versa. The guest star is able to better field questions and see your attendees faces instead of just a hand in a crowded a room. In addition, the names of your attendees are easily readable to the guest star allowing for personal communication. This allows for exclusive, high sought after experiences for your donors, members or VIPs. 

Over the past months, we’ve seen creativity explode in planning virtual events. Here’s some fun examples to get the creative juices flowing: 

Grill Lesson with Top Seattle Chef

One organization hosted a members-only grill class with a top chef in Seattle. Members logged on via Zoom and the chef walked through the steps of grilling the perfect steak. With only a limited number of attendees, guests were able to ask direct questions to the chef and show him their progress and get feedback. 

Q&A with a Movie Star

Twenty attendees were given 20 minutes to ask questions of a top Hollywood star. Each person was able to ask a question and get real facetime with this popular guest. Who would be the perfect celeb for your event?

Sailing Trip Turns to a Mai Tai Making Event

Pre-pandemic this organization’s VIPs were supposed to go on a Mai Tai sailing trip. Instead of the sailing trip, this organization transitioned to a Mai Tai night. Guests were sent a Mai Tai making kit and a mixologist taught them how to make the perfect Mai Tai. 

Other Fun Ideas

Other fun events include a painting night with a local artist, an exclusive reading with a popular author, or an intimate concert with a talented musician. 

The opportunities and creativity for virtual events are endless. However, each event is unique and every organization is different. Therefore, we encourage you to begin thinking about what expertise you can bring to the table and what experiences can you provide now that you couldn’t before?

We are here to help! Schedule a consultation to talk about what you’d like your unforgettable experience to look like. 

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