It’s here! The Feminist Guide to Presenting

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AV Presentation Tips for Women, by Women

“After 20+ years in the AV industry, we’ve seen it all and compiled our best practices into this guide to make women feel more comfortable, prepared, and confident.” – Jennifer O’Neal, our CEO & Co-Founder 

It’s no secret that AV equipment, such as a microphone, was primarily designed with male presenters in mind. We’ve seen it countless times: women feeling uncomfortable on stage at no fault of their own. 

We’ve experienced presenters with amazing content, but they are hindered by things like: 

  • Clothing that doesn’t allow the correct placement of a microphone. 
  • Loud jewelry that creates constant static in the microphone.
  • Feeling exposed by being placed on a bar stool in a skirt. 

No one deserves their voice to be muted.   

A guide to empower women to shine on stage

At Live Oak AV, we believe in inclusivity and empowering women to shine on stage. We understand the challenges and disadvantages that women and nonbinary presenters face, and we are committed to leveling the playing field. We want everyone to feel comfortable and empowered when sharing their ideas, stories, and expertise.

That’s why we are thrilled to introduce our free e-guide, The Feminist Guide to Presenting, designed to help women and nonbinary presenters feel confident, prepared, and heard.

Meet the creators 

Jennifer O’Neal, Live Oak AV’s CEO & Co-Founder, is a seasoned professional in the AV industry and a driving force behind the new guide. The AV industry is traditionally male-dominated and few AV companies have a woman as their CEO. With over 20 years of experience, Jennifer has witnessed the challenges faced by women and nonbinary presenters firsthand. She recognized the need for change and dedicated herself to compiling the best practices, insights, and solutions into this empowering guide. Her passion for leveling the playing field and empowering women shines through every page.

Jennifer’s expertise is complemented by the invaluable contributions of Sasha Summer Cousineau, an accomplished event professional and owner of Revel Rouser Events. Sasha’s extensive experience in event planning, including fundraising and development for women’s health and rights organizations, brings a unique perspective to the guide. 

What’s included 

In this illustrated guide, you’ll find practical tips, techniques, and solutions to overcome common obstacles faced by women and nonbinary presenters. We’ve got you covered, topics include:

  • Microphone Placement
  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Presentation Outfits 
  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Hair & Accessories
  • Questions to Ask Before Presenting

In addition, look for the “Sasha Suggests” callouts for more tips!

We believe in women empowering women, and that sentiment resonates throughout.

It’s about providing you with the tools and knowledge to confidently step onto any stage and make your mark, and have fun while doing so!

By downloading the Feminist Guide to Presenting, you’re not only equipping yourself with the skills to excel in presentations, but you’re also becoming part of a movement that aims to create a more inclusive and equitable world.

To access the guide, simply click the link below:
Download the Feminist Guide to Presenting

Thank you for being a part of our community. We are excited to witness the incredible impact you will make!

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