More Than the Numbers: An Audiophile’s Journey

AV Tech Story Ryan

AV Tech Ryan Keyes Shares His Story Between advancing technology and the increasing level of professionalism in events, a career in corporate AV becomes more and more desirable. That’s why we’re sharing stories from our staff; we sat down with AV tech Ryan Keyes to discuss his career journey and why he sees corporate AV…

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Embracing an Audiovisual Career with Passion + Drive

AV Tech Bryan Garcia Shares His Story As younger generations join the workforce and consider careers that make sense to them, corporate AV is a growing field. We sat down with AV Tech Bryan Garcia to talk about his career journey and why he sees corporate AV as a viable option for those who grew…

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Dispelling misconceptions of working in corporate AV

Customer Service Manager Violet Shares Her Story  When I was in school for AV, the prevailing story was that “ending up” in corporate AV was the worst possible thing that could happen to you. The gist was that working in a corporate setting demonstrated that you weren’t enjoyable to work with, you weren’t talented enough,…

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