Tested and Approved: The Best AV Tech Gifts

AV Gift Giving Guide

‘Tis the season of giving!   Finding the perfect tech accessory for the audio visual aficionado in your life is the ultimate present quest. At Live Oak AV, we live and breathe technology, relying on gadgets that have proven their worth time and again. Today, we’re lifting the curtain on our tried-and-true arsenal of AV…

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Building the Perfect Event: 10 Points to Discuss with Your AV Team

In the background, a woman stands on a stage. In the foreground, large screens and monitors display a workstation for audio visual technicians.

From weddings to conferences and fundraisers, event planning is hectic and challenging, demanding careful consideration of every detail and ‘what if’ scenario.   While food and entertainment garner much attention (who doesn’t like signature cocktails and cover bands?), effective communication with the AV team is often overlooked as a critical element of event success.  Why…

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Navigating Canva for Effective Presenting: Best Practices

3 ways to turn your Canva deck into a winning presentation. “It seems our presentation wanted to play hide-and-seek today. Don’t worry, I’m an expert in charades.” Have you used a similar comeback while facing a technical glitch during a presentation?  While incorporating humor, now and then, in presentations is a great way to maintain…

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