Our Work-or-School-From-Home Tech Guide: Microphones


With work, school, and the holidays looking decidedly different this year, we’re putting together equipment guides to help you improve your work-or-school-from-home experience.  We hope this gives the added bonus of helping you find gifts for your loved ones this holiday season.  We begin this series by talking about microphones.

Why do we recommend a dedicated microphone?

Clear sound is one of the most critical elements to a successful online meeting or event.  Just like in a live event, if the audio quality is poor in a virtual meeting or event, attendees find it hard to pay attention and may miss critical information.

To help you pick a microphone style that works for you, we have chosen products we use personally or those that consistently receive great product reviews.  (Note: We are members of Amazon’s Affiliate Program and receive a small commission when you use the links below.  This does not affect your price.)

Everyday Workhorse:  The Samson Go Mic, currently priced at $39, is a great little affordable USB microphone for your everyday needs.  It comes with a stand and can be positioned on your desk or clipped to your monitor.  These are the microphones that we have on our desks in our office for calls with clients.

Studio-Quality Microphones:  If you host live streams, moderate conferences, or just value high-quality sound, step up your virtual game with the Newest Blue Yeti X Professional Microphone ($249) or the Shure MV7 USB Podcast Microphone ($249).

Microphones for iPhone and Android Phones:

If you need to do self-recordings or take a virtual meeting on your phone, consider adding a microphone that works with smart devices.

The Rode SmartLav+ Omnidirectional microphone ($79) plugs directly into a headphone jack and can be used with any phone or tablet that has either a headphone jack or adapter.

PowerDeWise offers several microphone styles for mobile devices that have lightning and/or headphone jacks.  Their Professional Grade Lavalier microphone ($35) plugs directly into a headphone jack or headphone jack adapter.  If you often interview others on your mobile device, PowerDeWise offers their Professional Grade 2 Lavalier Lapel Microphones Set for Dual Interview ($35) which comes with two lavalier microphones and a headphone jack splitter.  If you are using an iPhone, they offer a Lavalier Microphone Compatible with iPhone model for $35.

We hope this information helps improve your work-or-school-from-home environment.  If you would like a personalized, in-depth consultation for an office environment, religious services, or virtual event, please contact us at (206) 548-9822 or orders@liveoakav.com.

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