Live Streaming Makes Fundraising Events Easier

livestream fundraisers

3 Reasons Why Live Streaming is a Friend to Nonprofit Fundraisers As we all know, this past year kept everyone guessing; especially people who were trying to plan events. Between April 2019 and April 2020, the live streaming market experienced a 99% boost in hours watched—our own Livestream Studio was a part of this collective…

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Live Streaming Makes Continuing Medical Education Events Easier

3 Reasons Why Live Streaming Just Makes Sense for CMEs With COVID-19 keeping healthcare professionals busier than ever during these last few years, livestream options continue to grow in popularity and necessity.  So where do we go from here? We’re sharing the top 3 reasons to live stream your next Continuing Medical Education (CME) conference. …

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4 Ways to Create an Immersive Remote Training

It’s 2022, and remote work is here to stay.  According to Forbes, a federal report found that among companies that increased remote work during the pandemic, more than 60% plan to keep increases permanently moving forward. Plus, as TalentLMS shared in their remote work survey, 67% of remote workers want more training from their employers.…

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