Bridges Seattle APG’s Fundraiser at The Golf Club at Newcastle: Bridging the Gap for Teen Recovery

Jennifer and Macklemore (Haggerty) pose for a photo

Live Oak AV’s fundraising expertise and venue experience help to ensure this organization reaches its fundraising goals.   In the heart of Seattle, there’s a community organization making waves with its mission to support teens on their path to recovery. Bridges Seattle Alternative Peer Group isn’t just another nonprofit; it’s a beacon of hope for…

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Celebrating 25 Years of Live Oak AV

Dave and Jennifer sit in front of a wall mural while being interviewed.

A journey behind the scenes. Live Oak AV has reached a remarkable milestone. This year marks 25 years of shaping experiences and amplifying voices in the heart of Seattle’s events industry. To commemorate this achievement, we sat down with the owners and co-founders, Jennifer and Dave, to learn the story behind Live Oak AV and…

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Women’s History Month: Celebrating Women in AV

A woman with her back turned towards us wears headphones and works at a laptop

Celebrating women in AV, including Live Oak AV! This March, we join the world in celebrating Women’s History Month. We do this to recognize and honor the achievements and contributions of women throughout history. At Live Oak AV, we believe it’s essential to acknowledge the women who have left their mark on the AV and…

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The Best Music for Holiday Events: Setting the Right Festive Tone

A man with white hair and beard stands with his arm outstretched to a group of six people behind him.

“Music is the universal language of mankind.” – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow   When planning an event, whether it’s a grand celebration, heartwarming fundraiser, knowledge-packed conference, or an intimate dinner party, you’re orchestrating an experience. A significant part of this experience hinges on the music you choose. The Power of Music in Events Music possesses the…

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Building the Perfect Event: 10 Points to Discuss with Your AV Team

In the background, a woman stands on a stage. In the foreground, large screens and monitors display a workstation for audio visual technicians.

From weddings to conferences and fundraisers, event planning is hectic and challenging, demanding careful consideration of every detail and ‘what if’ scenario.   While food and entertainment garner much attention (who doesn’t like signature cocktails and cover bands?), effective communication with the AV team is often overlooked as a critical element of event success.  Why…

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