Bridges Seattle APG’s Fundraiser at The Golf Club at Newcastle: Bridging the Gap for Teen Recovery

Jennifer and Macklemore (Haggerty) pose for a photo

Live Oak AV’s fundraising expertise and venue experience help to ensure this organization reaches its fundraising goals.   In the heart of Seattle, there’s a community organization making waves with its mission to support teens on their path to recovery. Bridges Seattle Alternative Peer Group isn’t just another nonprofit; it’s a beacon of hope for…

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AV Uncomplicated—In-person, hybrid, or virtual

If we’ve met you during the height of the pandemic, you may not know that we provide AV services for in-person events. We do! We love being there for any and all events to make your AV experience streamlined and seamless. We know tech can seem complicated. Whether you’re back to in-person events, doing a…

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Live Streaming Makes Fundraising Events Easier

livestream fundraisers

3 Reasons Why Live Streaming is a Friend to Nonprofit Fundraisers As we all know, this past year kept everyone guessing; especially people who were trying to plan events. Between April 2019 and April 2020, the live streaming market experienced a 99% boost in hours watched—our own Livestream Studio was a part of this collective…

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