Celebrating 25 Years of Live Oak AV

Dave and Jennifer sit in front of a wall mural while being interviewed.
A journey behind the scenes.

Live Oak AV has reached a remarkable milestone. This year marks 25 years of shaping experiences and amplifying voices in the heart of Seattle’s events industry. To commemorate this achievement, we sat down with the owners and co-founders, Jennifer and Dave, to learn the story behind Live Oak AV and the journey that has defined their legacy.

Passion for innovation and community

The inception of Live Oak AV traces back to a simple yet profound idea rooted in providing superior customer service and quality equipment. Dave has an extensive background in various AV companies and knew something was missing from most of them. He recognized the opportunity to do things differently and set a new standard in the industry. It was this vision that ignited the spark for Live Oak AV, laying the foundation for what would become a cornerstone of Seattle’s event scene.

“I just felt like we could do a better job for our clients and our employees, providing better customer service and quality of equipment. That’s kind of what spurred us,” says Dave. 

Jennifer’s involvement in the company came naturally, driven by a shared passion for innovation and community impact. Initially taking on administrative roles while juggling other jobs, Jennifer’s dedication to supporting the company’s growth and operations was instrumental in its early years. 

“When I came on full-time in 2014. Even though we were busier, both of us being in the same company made it a lot easier, because now we both had the full context of what the other person was doing,” says Jennifer

As Live Oak AV evolved, so did their roles within the company. Dave began focusing on technical aspects while Jennifer spearheaded management and growth initiatives.


Working together in life, and career

As business and marriage partners, navigating the intricacies of working together presented its challenges. Especially within the confines of a small office! Yet, through mutual understanding, humor, and a willingness to adapt, Jennifer and Dave found a dynamic that not only sustained their business but fueled its growth over the years.

A piece of advice: “Realizing ‘what’s the environment where the other person is gonna freak out’ and then giving them a pass for that so that you can laugh about it later,” says Jennifer.

Their journey has been marked by phases of evolution. Where they first were serving smaller hotels, they soon were branching out into nonprofit events and educational conferences. However, the true test came with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic brought about a seismic shift in the events industry and adapting to new norms wasn’t easy. Dave and Jennifer were forced, through necessity, to reimagine their services. They looked for opportunities and made the move to pioneer virtual events and live streaming to meet the evolving needs of their clients.


Jennifer and Dave envision a future for Live Oak AV rooted in stability, growth, and community legacy. As they continue to define their core values they take pride in a culture of growth within the company. They aim to cement Live Oak AV as a generational institution, woven into the fabric of Seattle’s vibrant community for years to come. 

Thank you to everyone who has made Live Oak AV a success!

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