Embracing an Audiovisual Career with Passion + Drive

AV Tech Bryan Garcia Shares His Story

As younger generations join the workforce and consider careers that make sense to them, corporate AV is a growing field. We sat down with AV Tech Bryan Garcia to talk about his career journey and why he sees corporate AV as a viable option for those who grew up immersed in music, sound, and technology. 

Why did you consider an audiovisual career? 

Bryan began his audiovisual career with Live Oak AV in April of 2022; and while this is his first foray into the world of AV, he got an Associate’s in Music Technology from Shoreline Community College. 

“I've always been pretty passionate and fired up about just music in general ever since I was a kid,” Bryan shares. “I thoroughly enjoyed the process of finding new music and discovering, and that slowly brought me down the path of learning instruments and then recording software, teaching myself in middle and high school… And so I was naturally putting myself in that world of sound. When it came time to graduate high school and college and time to find a job, I couldn't see myself working any other sort of in any other sort of industry. I just couldn't see myself enjoying any sort of work that's not related to sound or audio because music is a natural part of who I am. I have music subconsciously playing in my head all the time.”

So when Bryan began looking around, he says a career in corporate AV with Live Oak AV “just made sense.” “I'm already very passionate about getting things to sound good, so I knew I would really care about this job a lot… why not get paid to do that and be able to support myself and my family through something that I've really been passionate about?”

What has surprised you about a career in corporate AV? 

“I have been surprised at the breadth of clients we work with. From private events, like weddings, to medical conferences and office parties… even nonprofits! We work with so many different clients and it’s great to see what sound can do for all of these events,” Bryan says. 

Additionally, Bryan says that working with clients and being able to explain what tech settings come standard or what needs to be communicated is another aspect of the role. “Because I’ve been passionate about the tech for so long, I forget sometimes that others don’t know the depths of the equipment. It’s nice to communicate with clients and see how far those skills go.” 

What skills transfer from other career ventures in a career in corporate AV?

“People relations!” Bryan says. “I was a carpet cleaner before, and people relations is something that carries through… in the world of carpet cleaning, you’re going into someone’s home sanctuary, where they’re at their most vulnerable, so I learned how to talk to people as if I’d known them my whole life… that applies now when I am talking professionally, of course, but also with a casualness and relatability to put clients at ease.” 

What are pros and cons of the AV industry versus others? 

Bryan shares that he sees the AV industry focusing much more on the customers’ experience and outcomes than just the bottom line. But he also appreciates the level of physical activity needed in this industry—just enough. 

“We still do quite a bit of physical activity in this role, setting equipment up, but heavy lifting is concentrated. When I was a carpet cleaner, the physical activity would be dispersed throughout the entire day… I recall being on my hands and cleaning the edges of carpets, and by the end of that phase of my career, I had to wear a knee brace and hand brace and was considering carpal tunnel surgery… at that point, I was 23 years old! I love the balance now of having those active times at work but also not being so physically exhausted.” 

What do you appreciate about working with Live Oak AV? 

“Management here is just so down to earth and very approachable. You can sense mutual respect in both ways. So I feel like that makes everyone a lot more comfortable with each other. And I feel like we all work a lot better as a team because when you don't have that, it’s not a sustainable feeling.” 

What would you love to see in the future of AV? 

“Can we just have holograms?” Bryan laughs. Bryan sees a future with more high-tech gear as part of conferences and a continuation of the commitment to clients for successful events. 

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