The QLaw Foundation of Washington broke their fundraising record while pivoting and adapting their annual Falltacular event

QLaw Fundraiser Live Oak AV

This past year kept everyone guessing; especially people who were trying to plan events. The QLaw Foundation of Washington had fully intended on their annual Falltacular fundraiser being in-person, but COVD had other plans. When it became clear that their Falltacular would have to transition to a hybrid event, they enlisted the help of Live Oak AV through Kristen at Jubilee Event Engineers and Finnavair at Finn Events. During the planning process, Live Oak AV helped transition the event to being fully virtual.

Finding a Livestream Studio with high sanitation standards was key in planning the Falltacular

There were a few crucial components needed for the Falltacular. They were looking for someone who could help them create an event off of Zoom so that it could be more interactive for the audience. They were also looking for a livestream facility that had COVID protocols to accommodate the various comfort levels and needs of their group. Live Oak AV’s experience and newly constructed Livestream studio made them a great fit. 

Jennifer Barnes, Vice President QLaw Foundation of Washington, said “[Live Oak AV] clearly had a lot of experience doing this; the facility was very professional. Every time I had a question, they had a detailed answer.” 

Planning a virtual or hybrid event can seem like it’s easier than planning an in-person event, but that is a misconception. There are many different factors that go into creating a dynamic virtual experience that is engaging and entertaining for the audience. Live Oak AV was able to help QLaw plan their event and use a platform that allowed guests to chat in real-time. Being able to use the Livestream Studio was a crucial part of making the event a success. 

During the event, there were eight people present in addition to Live Oak’s staff. It was important for there to be enough space for everyone to spread out. Barnes felt comfortable because of Live Oak AV’s sanitation protocols and willingness to accommodate people in their group who had high-risk health issues. There was enough space for everyone to be separated and able to hop on their laptops to chat with guests and also communicate with each other. 

The Livestream Studio really changed the quality of the experience for guests and added a level of professionalism to the overall production. There was a stage, professional lighting, and a teleprompter, which helped create a heightened experience. Live Oak AV also helped to stream entertainment in between segments and record the event to use in the future to fundraise and give to sponsors. 

Getting down to the numbers

QLaw intentionally planned their event later in the year, and the organization had heard of many virtual fundraisers that weren’t successful earlier in the season. By the end of 2021, people were so tired of being on screens which presented a whole different set of challenges than the original in-person event plans. It takes time, planning, and a good team to execute a successful virtual event.

For Falltacular, QLaw had more than twice as many attendees as the year prior which had been one of their biggest events to date. They nearly tripled the amount of money they raised at their event from 2020. Ten percent of that money came in after the event from people who were sent a recording of the event—which goes to show how impactful virtual events can be, even after the live stream is over. 

QLaw was actually planning on eliminating their Falltacular event altogether, but the success of 2021 is making them reconsider. 

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